Protective Jacket for sub-surface oil and gas pipelines.
Engineering & Geosynthetics Fabric
Rockshield / Petrosheild

Method to Use

After the necessary protective coating / wrapping is given, pieces of Petroshield are wrapped around the pipe (each piece overlapped by approximately 10 cm) and secured in place with polyester/polypropylene straps and buckles. Alternatively, self-adhesive polypropylene tapes may be used.


    Petroshield has been specifically developed as a protective jacket for cross country pipelines. Material containing stones and rocks are used as backfill for these pipelines, passing through the rocky strata. Petroshield prevents mechanical damage to primary wrap / coating during backfilling operations and more importantly, ensures continued effectiveness of cathodic protection. The padding also offers protection during lifting and placing operations.


    Protective Jacket for sub-surface oil and gas pipelines for ‘rocky terrains’ Used as a component in cathodic protection systems and to safeguard against physical damage


  • Sufficient weight, thickness and strength protects cross-country oil and gas pipeline
  • Prevents mechanical damage during lifting, laying and backfilling operations
  • Mesh aperture size prevents stones and rocks from coming into contact with pipe wrapping. But it’s large enough to allow maximum amount of fine particle material to percolate and fill the apertures, ensuring effectiveness of ‘cathodic protection’

Specification of Rocksheild

Rocksheild Mesh 6 mm
ThicknessASTN D – 17776 mm
Comressive Strength ASTM D – 1621 250 psi
Impact Resistance ASTM G -14 100 in - lb
Material   HDPE
Rocksheild Mesh 4 mm
ThicknessASTN D – 17770.16 inch
Comressive Strength ASTM D – 1621 25000 psf
Impact Resistance ASTM G -14 100 in / lb
Material   HDPE
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