Plastic Net for Cocoons
Agro Products
Sericulture Nets (Extruded)

Highly popular across the Sericulture industry, our brand of Sericulture Nets – Netrika, plays a vital role in the breeding of silk worms. These nets help in the formation and harvesting of silkworm cocoons, and conduct the process in a hygienic environment.


0.90, 11 folds on one side and 10 folds on other side. (m)
Replacement to Bamboo Chandrika


  • Easy to clean and helps maintain a hygienic environment
  • Long-lasting and reusable
  • Non-biodegradable for longer life compared to bamboo montages
  • Easy to store & transport


  • Sericulture
  • Replacement to Bamboo Chandrika
  • Easy Storage
  • Cost Effective
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