Black Fabric for mulching
Agro Products
HDPE/PP Ground Cover/Weed Mats

Tuflex Ground Cover is a black, multi-purpose, woven polypropylene ground cover, combining outstanding weed suppression with excellent water permeability. Instantly recognisable by its distinct and unique colored striped pattern.

Tuflex Ground Cover is designed to provide weed-free growing areas for:

  • Landscaping
  • Planting
  • The production of bedding, pot plants and container stock
  • Use in Organic Growing Systems
  • Outdoor, polytunnels, glasshouses and on benches
  • Capillary, sand and gravel beds.

Widely used to restrain grass from growing on agricultural farms and home gardens.


1.2/3/4.2/4.5/5.25 (m)50 / 100 (m)


  • Prevents weeds growing through
  • Encourages earth-warm and microbial activity below the mat
  • Eliminates problem of fungal growth
  • Helps to reduce soil erosion and loss of valuable top soil
  • Easy for irrigation
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